The Eagle Bend Metropolitan District (the “District”) is a governmental entity governed by a five member Board of Directors.  The District is comprised of three residential communities including Heritage Eagle Bend, Ridgeview Eagle Bend and Creekside Eagle Bend.  The District boundaries are shown on the District Map.


The District cooperates with the City of Aurora, Arapahoe County and SEMSWA to provide major capital improvements to benefit the community District residents and property owners.  Information pertaining to specific district projects can be found on the Projects index page.

The District is a member of the Colorado Special District Association, which exists to preserve and enhance the legal and political environment for the existence and successful operation of the special district form of government, and to assist special districts to operate efficiently and effectively.

  District Announcements:  
                                                            Eagle Bend Metropolitan District (“the District”)

                                                                            Notice of Board Vacancy

Johnny Watson recently resigned from the Board of Directors of Eagle Bend Metropolitan District (the “Board”) due to his recent appointment to the Aurora City Council. As such, there is currently a vacancy on the Board. In order to fill this vacancy, the Board desires to appoint an interested and eligible candidate to serve on the Board through May 2020. This Notice is being provided to inform the electorate of the vacancy, and to explain the Board’s process for appointing an Eligible Elector to fill such vacancy.
            In order to serve on the Board, any interested candidate must be an Eligible Elector of the District:

I.       Eligible Elector Status

a.       Registered to vote in the State of Colorado, AND

b.      Be a resident of the District, or

Own taxable property within the District or be the spouse or civil union partner of someone who owns taxable property within the District, or

Be obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property within the boundaries of the District or be the spouse or civil union partner of someone that is a party to such a contract.

          Any Eligible Elector that is interested in serving on the Board must submit a letter of interest, resume and any other relevant materials by September 7, 2018 to Denise Denslow as further explained below. The Board’s director appointment committee will review all application materials, and coordinate in-person interviews for select candidates to be held at the District’s Regular Board Meeting on September 20, 2018.

            The Board may alter the above schedule depending on the amount of interest, and reserves the right to make any appointments in its sole discretion in accordance with all applicable laws

          Letters if interest, resumes and any other application materials may be submitted via email to the District's manager,
Denise Denslow, at denise.denslow@claconnect.com.

       Notice of Director Appointment and Election Procedures  
       Self Nomination and Acceptance Form  
  The following link Election can be used to view previous election information.  

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Learn how to convert your lawn into a low-water garden at our upcoming “Xeriscape Start to Finish” class, hosted by the Heritage Eagle Bend Metro District. In this class, you’ll find out about turf removal, mulching and how to create healthy soil.

Xeriscape expert Zach Versluis will show you many of the tools you’ll need and talk you through a budget conversion. As water conservation specialist with Aurora Water, Zach has a degree in ornamental horticulture with an emphasis in landscape design.


CLASS: Xeriscape Start to Finish
DATE: Saturday, June 4, 2016
TIME: 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
LOCATION: Demonstration Xeriscape Garden

  (Garden location: NW corner of Gartrell Rd. & Aurora Parkway, next to Parkway Grill & Compass Bank)

Class registration is required. Go to https://www.auroragov.org and click on “register for any of our classes online.” For your comfort, bring a lawn chair, water and a notepad. You won’t want to miss any of our water conservation tips for your garden!


The District is aware of certain discussions in the community regarding the proposed questions authorizing monies to be allocated from the general fund for the purpose of constructing certain water and traffic safety improvements. Please note that to the extent these questions do not pass, there will not be any refund of the monies to the property owners and residents of the District. On November 3, 1998, the District’s voters approved an election question which authorizes the District to collect, spend and retain revenues from taxes and fees imposed by the District without any regard to limitations under Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution.

  2005 Series Bond Refinancing

At the February 18, 2016 meeting the Board discussed the 2005 Series Bond Refinancing. Below is the link to review the Draft Term Sheet and Finance Plan for review.

       EBMD Full Bond Term Packet  

Special Mail Ballot Election

The Special Mail Ballot Election was held on November 24, 2015 with the Board engaging Special District Management Services to serve as the Designated Election Office for the purposes of this special election. At the December 17 Board meeting, it was reported that 1131 ballots were submitted, 10 rejected, 4 spoiled and 259 returned as undeliverable. Of the votes cast, 668 were in favor of recalling Director Geiger whereas 463 were against. Edward Malone received the highest number of ballots of the 3 candidates who ran to replace Director Geiger with the recall being successful.

As of December 15th, the total cost for the Special Election reached $93,705.48. A detailed breakdown of the costs can be found in the PDF below.

     Eagle Bend Election Expenses

       EBMD Questions and Answer 2015-10-30  
  Eagle Bend Metropolitan District Why, Who, What, How???

On July 11, 2013, the EBMD Board held a special meeting to conduct a presentation on the "why, who, what and how" regarding metropolitan districts in Colorado. The presentation outlines the purpose and many functions of the Eagle Bend Metro District. This presentation will give you an understanding of how the District operates. You should find it very informative!

     Eagle Bend Metropolitan District Why, Who, What, How???

  Emergency Checklist  
       In Case of Emergency, Break Glass by Mary C Kelly PhD  

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