The EBMD Board of Directors meet regularly at the following time and location.  Contact EBMD to confirm the meeting date and time prior to attending as meetings may change.    
  When: 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m.  
  Where: Heritage Eagle Bend Clubhouse
23155 E. Heritage Parkway
Aurora, Colorado 80016
  Meeting: Notices, Agendas and Minutes are listed below and available in PDF for downloading or printing.  
  Online Notices of Public Meeting - (additional details below)  
       Meeting Notice - 2019-10-09  
  District Announcements or Notices  
   10-09-2019   Eagle Bend Metropolitan District Board of Directors Presentation - Sustainable Water Source  
  Please join the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District Board of Directors in a presentation of information regarding a sustainable water source for the HEB Golf Course. The District has entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Aurora for the construction, operation and maintenance of a non-potable water line to service the HEB golf course needs. Please join us on October 9th at 6:30 in the Humboldt Room in the clubhouse.  Please call or email , 303-903-9760.  
       New Sustainable Water Source (Community Meeting Information - October 9, 2019)  
  On October 31, 2019 Notice of Proposed Action to Fix or Increase Fees, Rates, Tolls, Penalties or Charges for
Domestic Water or Sanitary Sewer Services. For additional information click on the Transparency Notice listed below:
       Notice of Proposed Action to Fix or Increase - 2019-09-30   
       Notice of Proposed Action to Fix or Increase Fees - 2018-12-12  
  Online Meeting Agendas and Minutes are listed below:  
  2019 2019-01-17 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2019-02-21 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2019-03-15 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2019-03-21 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2019-04-18 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2019-05-14 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting    
    2019-05-16     Regular Meeting Rescheduled  
    2019-06-20 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2019-07-18     Regular Meeting Cancelled    
    2019-08-01 Agenda   Special Meeting      
    2019-08-12 Agenda   Special Meeting    
    2019-08-15 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2019-09-05 Agenda   Special Meeting 2020 Budget Workshop  
    2019-09-19     Regular Meeting Rescheduled    
    2019-10-09     Special Meeting Community Meeting  
    2019-10-17     Regular Meeting Rescheduled    
    2019-10-31     Special Meeting Begins at 10:00 a.m.  
    2019-11-21     Regular Meeting      
    2019-12-19     Regular Meeting      
  2018 2018-01-18 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2018-02-15 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-03-15 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-04-19 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-05-11 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2018-05-17     Regular Meeting Cancelled    
    2018-06-21 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-07-19     Regular Meeting Cancelled    
    2018-07-27 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2018-08-16 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-09-17 Agenda   Special Meeting      
    2018-09-20 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2018-10-18     Regular Meeting Cancelled    
    2018-10-25 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2018-10-31 Agenda   EBMD & RVMD Potential 3rd Well  
    2018-11-07 Agenda   EBMD & Aurora Discuss Water Issues  
    2018-11-15 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2018-11-15 Agenda   Special Meeting 2019 Budget Workshop  
    2018-12-20     Regular Meeting Cancelled    
  2017 2017-01-19 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-02-16 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-03-16 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-04-20 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-05-18 Agenda   Regular Meeting Cancelled    
    2017-06-15 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2017-07-20 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-08-17 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-09-21 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting      
    2017-10-02 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting      
    2017-10-19 Agenda   Regular Meeting      
    2017-11-16 Agenda   Regular Meeting  Cancelled    
  Meetings - Historical Information          
  To review previous Meeting Information from 2010-2016 use the following link: Meeting - Historical Information  
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