Aurora Parkway and Irish Drive Xeriscape            
  The District worked with Creekside Eagle Bend HOA Board of Directors for a cost sharing xeriscape project along South Aurora Parkway and Irish Drive.  The project consisted of installing edger, mulches and plants.  Keesen crews did a marvelous job of laying out the 2,886 plants which consisted of 241 ornamental grasses, 379 shrubs, 11 trees and 2,255 perenials.  The plants were specifically chosen for their color, beauty and interest throughout the four seasons.

Creekside Eagle Bend submitted their xeriscape plan to the City of Aurora to be considered for a "xeric rebate".  Creekside was awarded a rebate and the funds will be used to help finance this water saving project for their community.  Keesen Enterprises, Creekside Eagle Bend ant the Metro District believe that projects like this one are great for our community in that they beautify the area and also save a precious commodity, water.



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